How will BE 1.16 affect EverCraft?
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EverCraft v3?

Mojang has recently announced that the Bedrock 1.15 parity update will be cancelled and rolled into the 1.16 nether update. Initially, I planned to launch EverCraft v3 with the Nether update but with this news, that will be postponed indefinitely.

So that means we will not be resetting for 1.16. I will attempt to trim unimportant nether chunks near the hub though so we can get the new biomes without traveling forever and a day. However, I cannot guarantee this will work.

The iron situation

EverCraft v2 Currency Exchange
The Currency Exchange by justhaley0217 & E Bo Placebo

The main change in this update that will affect us aside from the obvious nether changes, will be increased iron rates. Currently a single-village farm can output around 32-48 iron per hour under ideal conditions. This will increase by as much as 700%-1000% according to some reports.

The value of iron gear will not be affected since it can already be easily obtained en masse from villagers, but the value of raw iron, hoppers, minecarts, etc. will likely plummet. Expect prices at Pristine’s iron shop, and the Currency X-Change to change dramatically.

Food market changes

EverCraft v2 Grocery Store
E Bo Placebo’s Grocery Store

Depending on how hoglins are handled, most food may become worthless. Some Java snapshot farms have been shown producing porkchops by the thousands from a farm that can be built in less than an hour. If this happens, I would likely close all my food stores as high quality food would become widely available.

Other food producers may choose to fill the gap in the market, switch to heavy pork chop production and bulk sales, or simply follow suit and leave what will likely become a very low profit market.

Villager Trading

Books, and any other commonly villager-traded items should become more common since village popularity mechanics will be brought from Java. This will allow the owner—and pretty much only the owner—of the trading hall to get much cheaper prices on goods and easier emeralds.

EverCraft v2 Trading Hall
justhaley0217’s Trading Hall

While this may seem minor, a surprising amount of things can be traded for, and this will heavily affect the meta. Everything from quartz blocks, to tipped arrows, to golden carrots will be cheaply available for a bit of effort. I highly recommend starting a personal trading hall for this reason.

Netherite, the economy, and other things…

Netherite and ancient debris will obviously change a lot of things. Diamond gear wont be the meta anymore. Beyond that, predictions are anyone’s guess. Netherite could significantly increase the inflation of diamonds by further devaluing them. Maybe not though, only time will tell.

After a few weeks—so brave nether explorers still have incentive—the Stars4Diamonds machine will be updated to Netherite4Diamonds so the more squeamish of us can simply void a heap of diamonds in return for a pittance of netherite.

EverCraft v2 Stock Exchnage
TrickyTurtle410’s Stock Exchange

With this update comes an absolute ton of new block types. This will be a huge opportunity for aspiring business-people. New enchantments exclusive to bartering, curse books, new woods, new lighting, new plants, and even podzol will become farm-able! There will be opportunities galore on EverCraft for people looking to open a new shop, or expand their offering in a current one.

Redstone Parity

Another set of changes and tweaks that can easily be looked over, are the redstone parity updates. As you may know, BE and JE will never reach true parity. Since JE is written in Java, and BE is written in C++ there are some things that simply cant be made the same. These include a lot of high level concepts like block updates and quasi connectivity.

Mojang has chosen to at least tackle some of the issues that can be fixed. A minuscule tweak with a massive impact is observers will no longer emit a redstone signal when placed. Something like this can drastically change how circuits are built in BE.

Dispensers will also be able to be crafted with damaged bows. If you’ve ever had to craft a lot of dispensers, you’ll know how big of a deal this is. While it doesn’t directly affect any circuits, it should make dispensers a lot easier to get a hold of.

Interested in hearing more about EverCraft? Check out the EverCraft website to learn more. What features are you looking forward to most in the 1.16 update? Let me know in the comments!


  1. Pristinefrog


    Great information! Yes, prices of iron will drop significantly here at Pristinefrog’s Shop.

    Thanks for compiling this, as I cannot wait for that update to iron golem spawning.

    • Ethan


      I’m also super hyped for the golem spawns tweak! I will probably build a iron farm myself, should be able to adapt one of the new ones that come out into a double farm using 0ld Man’s layout pattern 😀

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