EverCraft is a growing Minecraft Bedrock community that started in September 2019. Version one of the project had over 40 members join, and 25 members still actively playing and contributing amazing builds by the end of the version.

EverCraft v1 Highlights

There as so many other stunning builds and projects I’d love to share, everything from Wystler’s ornate nether tunnels, to Chase’s redstone contraption filled mesa. However, I could literally fill hard drives full of screenshots with all the epic builds people have contributed to EverCraft.

Originally, our version one 10-slot Realm was 100% vanilla, with achievements enabled. After about 1 month, we voted to disable achievements in favor of a 1-player sleep system. This was the first step in EverCraft becoming the “Vanilla+” experience it is today. A month later, another tweak was polled: Fast-o miner. Once again the community voted yes on the tweak. We decided to postpone implementation to protect the existing economy of v1.

Time for v2?

With the release of Bedrock version 1.13.0 came a lot of unfortunate bugs, particularly for Realms users. Eventually most of the game breaking issues were addressed by Mojang, but in the series of updates they released many Realms that were actively played on during that time became permanently unstable. With a lot of hesitation, we decided it was time for version two.

This time around we are starting with a much larger community. We’ll also have Vanilla+ conveniences like 1-player sleep, Fast-O miner, and BWT from night one. Seeing what our community was able to accomplish in version one truly inspired me, and I can’t wait to see what we can do with version two.

Join our community!

If you’re just as excited for version 2 as we are, and you haven’t yet joined our awesome little community, join our Discord! We are a tight-knit group of 18+ Minecraft Bedrock players, both MC veterans and new players alike. Version 2 is releasing in just a couple weeks, so now is the perfect time to hop on board!

Join the EverCraft Discord!

EverCraft v2 teaser

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  1. justhaley0217


    A great way to capture our beautiful realm! So nice to have such great pictures stored of our hard work and fun! Thank you for your dedication, Ethan.

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