This is an ongoing post containing my Tropico 5 Mods and will likely be updated in the future.

Hey there, and thanks for checking out my Tropico 5 (and when it comes out 6) mod page. I also post my mods on Github &, but beta mods and the like may appear here before anywhere else. If you aren’t sure how Tropico mods work, check out my post on installing Tropico 5 mods.

My Tropico 5 Mods

Bio-fuel Plant Standalone

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Adds only the bio-fuel plant component from my Cannabis Kingdom mod, runs on corn instead of hemp. Great for an environmentalist-centric island looking to meet power consumption needs and get rid of extra corn clogging up docks.

Cannabis Kingdom v2.0.0

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A multi-part mod that adds a ton of new resources and industries centered around cannabis.

A resource overview with Cannabis Kingdom


  • Adds 6 new resources. Hemp, Cannabutter, Joints, Blunts, Dabs, & Edibles.
  • New production building: The Hemp Factory.
  • New power plant: Biofuel Plant.
  • New healthcare building: Medical Cannabis Dispensary
  • 20+ New trades.
  • New Creamery upgrade: Infuse with Cannabis.
  • New Cigar Factory upgrades: Roll Joints & Roll Blunts.
  • New Pharmaceutical Factory upgrades: Make Dabs – BHO, & Make Dabs – Rosin Tech.
  • New Chocolate Factory upgrades: Edible Candies & Edible Chocolates


  1. Mod Loader 2.4 by DarthPresidente
  2. DrugTrade 2.00 by DarthPresidente
  3. *Resource Manager 4.0 by DarthPresidente
  4. (For updating) Remove ANY previous instances of this mod, including the BuidlingsIcons and .LUA file/s.
  5. Place contents of this .zip file into your Tropico 5 folder to maintain file structure.
  6. A fresh game save
    * = Highly recommended, but not required for fuctionality

More details available on the Cannabis Kingdom webpage.

Recommended Tropico 5 Mods

Mod Loader – (Required) This one is less of a recommendation, and more of a requirement. DarthPresidente’s mod loader allows for easy scripting for modders, and easy install for users.

Resource Manager – Another DarthPresidente mod, incredibly helpful and allows for a lot more control over resource flow.

Papi Edicts – No longer being maintained, but an awesome well thought out mod. Adds 4 new edicts for every era, very immersive and balanced.

Majestic’s Coffee – A few minor bugs, but a content rich mod that adds an interesting industry to the island.

Drug Trade – (Required for Cannabis Kingdom) Another amazing mod by DarthPresidente, adds more crime, and drugs.

Palace Mover – Pretty much an essential for me. Does what it says. (Originally by Wowiwankenobi, now managed by DarthPresidente)

Forced Labor – Also a super helpful one, keeps you from having too many unemployed, particularly when there are actually jobs available.

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